Hey everyone!

Do you really want to know a bit more about lil’ ol’ me? I’m very flattered. But this can’t be one sided, introduce yourself as well! I’d love to hear from you guys too!

Here is some basic information about me: I was born in Ukraine, but did the bulk of my growing up in Canada, I’m 20 years-old and have a love of cooking. I decided to put up a blog to remember the food that comes out of my kitchen. Some recipes will be made by me, others by my mom and babushka, and the rest will most likely be neat recipes I found around the web.

I have never had ‘professional’ cooking lessons, but I will only put up the recipes that have gone through the most vigorous taste testers: my family. I truly hope you enjoy the food that I will present.

Ultimately, this blog is dedicated to adding a bit more flair to traditional dishes from both Ukrainian and North American cuisine.

Please enjoy your stay at CanUkie kitchen!


Origin of CanUkie:

CAN – from canucks (slang for Canadians), and, UKIE – from Ukies (slang for Ukrainians).


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